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OmniPACS® is a Global Web Based Medical Image Exchange service. OmniPACS® allows people to to archive and share medical images in a way that is practical, safe and easy to use. OmniPACS is a Cloud Service for Medical Imaging, that combines the best technologies from Diagnostic Medical Imaging with the best of breed innovations from Web 2.0 and Social Media.

OmniPACS® offers easy to use web based tools that can be used to acquire, store, view, and share Medical Images Online. With our web based platform we allow Patients, Professionals and Corporations to have secure access to these images. OmniPACS®’ empowers better patient care and outcomes by bringing people together.

  1. Patients have instant access to images. There are no more pesky DVD's — or worse, “film” — to carry around in the back of a car. Patients can now share their images with their doctors as easily as sending email.
  2. Doctors, Radiologists and Tele-radiology service providers can now use a ubiquitous and omnipresent interface that not only standardizes how they work but also allows them to offer extended value added services.
  3. Imaging Centers and Hospitals can do away with their film and go digital with no upfront costs, no difficult-to-learn Information Technology(IT) knowledge and no complex, expensive equipment.
  4. The ultimate breakthrough is that OmniPACS® enables Companies that produce Medical Images to share information with Patients and Professionals in a new way — one that is easy, intuitive and precise! Patients can find doctors and get second opinions online.
  • June 13, 2012

    AGFA and DELL team up to make medical imaging cloud service. http://t.co/8d8WlaB6


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