Corporate Accounts

OmniPACS helps providers "go green" by eliminating film and allowing them to go digital with no up front investment and no need for expensive, complicated IT Hardware.

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Corporate Accounts

Go digital with an OmniPACS Corporate account. Give your facility the ability to read studies “anywhere” and “any time”. With OmniPACS, there is no investment required up front and you only start paying after you start sending data. This means you can start saving on printing and storage of DICOM films — today!

Your subscription includes a secure data archive that guarantees your data for for 7 years or more! Forget having to burn DVDs or print film for your patients or referring professionals. Send them the medical images they need as effortlessly as sending email!

OmniPACS accounts make it possible to share and distribute radiological data to any professional and/or third party you authorize. This key point allows Companies such as imaging centers to grow and work seamlessly without worrying about data transport or storage. By giving yout facility the ability to have all studies processed and diagnosed in the most efficient way possible, OmniPACS® will help you distribute your studies to your doctors or resources and keep your business growing.