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OmniPACS® Online

OmniPACS® empowers Healthcare professionals to share bio-imaging data in a way that is practical, safe, and easy to use. OmniPACS® affords users all of the services to conduct professional diagnostics and consultation, and a full suite of FDA approved diagnostic imaging components that support all DICOM modality formats including MRI, CT, X-ray, Ultra Sound, and Mammography. OmniPACS® enables Healthcare providers and consumers to harness the power of “Cloud Computing” to become fully digital an either extend existing services with tele-medicine components or simply for Archival purposed to help maintain your HIPPA compliance. This access to virtual sharing ensures HIPPA guidelines are followed and brings people together in a new intuitive, instant, and secure way.

OmniPACS Diagnostic Image Viewer

The OmniPACS Diagnostic Web Client is included with all OmniPACS accounts and will work through any standard web browser with JAVA. The OmniPACS Viewer is CE marked and FDA approved for the diagnosis of most modern medical imaging modalities. The viewer is simple to use, with many sophisticated functions to support:

  • Multiple Monitors
  • Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MIP/MPR)
  • Precise Measurements and Calculation functions
  • All of the features and tools required to perform "Diagnostic" interpretations.
OmniPACS Viewer Shortcut Guide Click Here

OmniPACS Quick Image Viewer

The OmniPACS Quick Viewer Application is included with all OmniPACS accounts and is a NON-DIAGNOSTIC image viewer designed to view images on mobile phones and other tablet devices like the Apple iPad and iPhone. The “Quick Viewer” is HTML based and therefor very flexible as to its use. The Quick Viewer supports all common modality types including (CT, MR, CR, US, X-Ray, and MG)

OmniPACS Non-Diagnostic Image Viewer screen shot
OmniPACS Non-Diagnostic Image Viewer screen shot