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OmniPACS offers a number of add-on and supplemental products to help steam line and maximize your use of the platform:

CD/DVD Burning: $250 per year
Add to your OmniPACS account for $250 per year. With the CD/DVD Burn feature enabled you will be able to burn patient CD or DVD directly from you online OmniPACS account. Contact to instantly enable this feature for your account.
DICOM Sending: $2100 per year
Add to your OmniPACS account for $2100 per year. With DICOM send feature enabled you will be able to configure custom DICOM target (e.g. other PACS Systems or DICOM printers etc) and send images/cases direction from your online account. Contact to instantly enable this feature for your account.
Image Link(TM): $2200 per year
Add OmniPACS "Image Link" to your account for $2200 per year. With Image Link you will be able to create dynamic links to any Medical Images you upload to OmniPACS. Image Links allows you to create secure URL links (example) That can be pasted into Electronic Medical Records, Patient Records, and into other electronic media channels e.g. chat, email, blogs, etc.
OmniPACS Gateway Appliances: starting at $5000
Add and OmniPACS Appliance starting at $5000. Add the appliance router to your business or operations and harness the power of the OmniPACS cloud while achieving complex workflow integration. The OmniPACS gateway device allows you te be rest assured your data resides locally as well as the cloud and is recommend for installations that produce many images per year. (Usually greater then 10 modalities) The OmniPACS Gateway Appliance also allows you to talk to local reporting protocols like HL7 and DICOM Modality Worklist.
Cloud Transfer Drives:
Buy OmniPACS "Cloud Transfer Drives" to bulk load data directly into your OmniPACS account. If you need to bulk upload data when you first sign up or you are just interested in transferring a large amount of data into OmniPACS for storage or Disaster Recovery(DR) then you can buy a "Cloud Transfer Drive" from your sales agent. Contact to buy one today! When you buy a "Cloud Transfer Drive" OmniPACS will send you a portable USB drive with return packaging and mailing instructions. Once you receive the drive you simply copy the data you want added to your online account and mail it back. We will upload this data for you and then mail you the hard-drive back for safe keeping.
  1. 500GB OmniPACS Cloud Transfer Drive
  2. 1TB OmniPACS Cloud Transfer Drive
  3. 4TB OmniPACS Cloud Transfer Drive
Long Term Data Archive:
By default your data uploaded to OmniPACS is guaranteed for 7 years. If you are interested keeping data on the platform for DR and compliance purposes you may simply pay for an additional 7 years on the anniversary of the data was received or you can buy data retention uplifts today for a discount. Contact today to save your data for longer time periods.
OsiriX HD: (Open Source - Free)
Download the OsiriX application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad: OsiriX Mobile. The OsiriX HD viewer is optimized for image vieing and measurements for Apple(R) iPhones and iPads. Download