Want to unlock your full potential as a 21st-century radiology technologists?

The future of radiology is cloud-based. Are you ready?

The OmniPACS Cloud PACS Certification is NOT your typical cloud certification or product-specific training. It’s a unique program designed to equip YOU with the comprehensive technical skills needed to excel as a 21st-century radiology technician.

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OmniPACS Cloud PACS Certification​

  • Become an In-Demand Cloud PACS Expert: Gain the knowledge and skills to confidently navigate and optimize cloud PACS workflows, setting yourself apart in the job market.
  • Boost Your Earning Potential: Equip yourself with highly sought-after cloud PACS expertise, potentially increasing your earning potential and career advancement opportunities.
  • Flexible Learning, Maximum Impact: Learn at your own pace with our convenient online program, featuring 5 manageable sessions over 8 weeks (once a week, 1.5 hours each).
  • Join a Supportive Community: Connect with fellow learners and experienced professionals to share knowledge, ask questions, and build your network.
Team discussing digital strategy
Cloud-Based DICOM Routing in Healthcare

Master the Essentials of Cloud PACS in 5 Weeks:

  • Week 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing: Understand the fundamentals, benefits, and impact of cloud PACS in radiology.
  • Week 2: Amazon Web Services (AWS): Introduction to Amazon Web Services, how they work and how you can start using it right away!
  • Week 3: Advanced Cloud PACS Concepts: Deep dive into advanced functionalities, data management, and image security.
  • Week 4: Cloud PACS Troubleshooting & Best Practices: Gain essential troubleshooting skills and learn best practices for maintaining optimal cloud PACS performance.
  • Week 5: Career Advancement & Future of Cloud PACS: Explore career opportunities in cloud PACS, industry trends, and how to stay ahead of the curve.


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