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Unlock efficiency and enhance patient care with OmniPACS—designed specifically for small orthopedic and pain management clinics. Ready to transform how you manage medical images?

  • "OmniPACS has revolutionized our image handling, enhancing efficiency and patient care, with exceptional support from start to finish."

    Access Healthcare Management, LLC
  • "OmniPACS is ideal for efficient image storage and utilization, supporting both image routing and viewing on a cost-effective, pay-as-you-go basis."

    Jacob Center for Advanced Orthopedics
  • "OmniPACS has streamlined our image management and enhanced collaboration within our provider network."

    Novamed Surgical Center
  • "Working with OmniPACS has proven easy and reliable, significantly boosting our operational reliability at Sinus Center Idaho."

    Sinus Centers
  • "OmniPACS is user-friendly and doesn’t require specialized IT knowledge, making it accessible for any diagnostic imaging facility."

    Ultrasound Resources
  • "OmniPACS was key to managing costs effectively, especially in our early stages serving primarily Medicaid patients."

  • Choosing OmniPACS was simple with no startup costs, just a small fee per x-ray. It's an effective, self-sustaining investment that was an obvious decision for us.

    ATX Ortho

Features and Benefits

Get started Fast with a Credit Card: Try it free, secure with a credit card when you are ready to start .  

Fast Easy Setup: Enables quick integration web-based PACS, minimizing downtime in fast-paced environments like ambulatory surgical centers.

High Compatibility: Integrates with a range of equipment, from high-intensity focused ultrasound machines to SPECT-CT scanners.

Multi-Modality Support: Accommodates various imaging needs, from heart muscle damage assessment in cardiology to spinal cord imaging in neurology.


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Install our OmniRouter and upload your images with confidence, knowing they're protected with military-grade encryption and stored in our highly reliable and redundant data centers.


Use OmniPACS' permissions to give your team access to your studies.In addition, you can use OmniPACS collaboration tools to share images and communicate with other healthcare professionals.


Access images from anywhere, on any device, with our FDA-approved Diagnostic Viewer and non-diagnostic web viewer.