Simple, Secure, Flexible and Infinitely Shareble


Simplicity & Powerful Features

OmniPACS is powerful and flexible enough to function as your main PACS, but also makes a great compliment to your existing PACS. We’ve incorporated an FDA approved diagnostic viewer, unlimited sharing via email to elliminate the need to burn CDs.


Unlimited Users

OmniPACS is the only PACS that offers you the ability to share images with anyone, anywhere, anytime with no strings attached. Upload your images for a one-time fee per study, and then easily share those images with anybody via email. Or if you really have to burn a CD or USB-Key.


Send Securely

We designed OmniPACS with security in mind. Any image being viewed or uploaded is encrypted using the highest military-grade encryption technologies.



OmniPACS is built around the idea that anyone can use it so we eliminated the need for VPN tunnels. Every account can install our encrypted DICOM routing software for free. It’s easy to setup and easy to use and is completely free and included. Setup in 5 minutes or less.



Not only is it smart to keep duplicates of your medical imaging data, it’s also the law. When you store your images in the OmniPACS cloud we maintain redundant copies of all your data at data centers located on both East and West Coast Data Centers.


Cross Platform Compatibility

Because there is such a wide variety of operating systems in use today, we made sure that our viewer would work on as many of them as possible. You can view DICOM images from Windows, Mac, Andriod, and IOS devices.